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February 24th, 2009

Dear Singers –

It is very important that we have great attendance at both of our upcoming performances of the Durufle Requiem. It is up to you to insure that your friends and family are in attendance. Our continued collaborate with the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic depends upon our ability to generate an audience.

As you see below the attendance at our October 2008 concert was less that our April 2008 concert. Earlier this month the WMPO had an audience of 258 at Bishop Ireton, which is larger than the attendance when we sang with them in October 2008.

December 2007 (Poulenc) Schlesinger 222, Epiphany 166, Total 388

April 2008 (Vaughan Williams) Schlesinger 348, Epiphany 154, Total 502

October 2008 (Mendelssohn) Bishop Ireton 251, Epiphany 226, Total 477

We should be able to double the WMPO audience when we perform with them. That would require that If every member of the chorus bring 5 guests. It should not be difficult, since the concerts are free of charge.

As always, flyers will be available, publicity will be sent out, and every effort will be made to spread the word. But the reality is: in a music-saturated environment like Metro DC, the audience will be the people that you bring.

I know you will rise to the occasion. You always have.

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