Eleventh Rehearsal Preview

April 4th, 2017

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers-
-Words cannot express how awesome you were on Sunday night. In the ZONE! Beautiful tone. Perfect eye contact. Excellent rhythm. I hope that it was a transporting for you as for me.
-Lots of you were out sick. I hope that you have recovered and will be a rehearsal tonight and at the concert on Sunday at GW Masonic Temple. I don’t want anyone to miss this experience.
-We meet at NOVA this Saturday morning to go to the clean-up at Hard Bargain Farm. We depart at 8:00 am. As of now, only 11 are signed up. Come on singers! This is our chance to do something real! Sign up tonight.
-The call at GW Masonic Temple this Sunday is 2 pm. I will be there this time!
-Tickets- We have a very poor crowd last Sunday. Please get us a good crowd for this great piece. Turn in ticket money today.

Class Voice
I am sorry our class was cancelled without notice last night. I could tell on Sunday that I was coming down with something (mostly related to pollen) so I engaged Dr. Gori to sub for me. I sent the administration a message on Sunday notifying them that I was sick and was engaging Rex as a sub. I ask that them notify me asap if there was a problem. They didn’t. Instead, they cancelled the class via signs posted on the door on Monday night. Rex drove down from Kensington , MD for nothing (I will pay him anyway). I had twenty students miss the chance to take a class with a master teacher who taught on our campus with great success for twenty years. I am sorry for the total disregard for the interests of students. Tax payers deserve better.

Vocal Seminar
As you know, our class will meet this Friday 5-7 pm. Afterwards we will dine at Clyde’s instead of having a potluck. We have a reservation. Don’t miss it.


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