3/18 Full Rehearsal Preview

March 17th, 2017

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers-

One more desperate – please be at rehearsal tomorrow at 11:00 am. Call in sick, trade work schedule with a colleague, hire a sub … do everything possible to be present.

The Call is 6:00 pm. I want to spend only 5 minutes positioning everyone on the risers. Please be on time so that we can place you in a seat. We’ll leave a gap in the center to allow the exit of Wade in the water soloists. (Tom Donlan has let me know his airplane is late. Tenors- save him as seat.)

After Raindrop Prelude Jon and soloists move down stage and line up on Jon’s right, in the order of your solos. After Wade, return to seats

After intermission, choristers once again take their seat on stage, except Chamber Singers who enter from offstage right. B2 B1 T2 T1 A2 A1 S2 S1. (I’ll trust singers to sort out the additional divisi. ) Following the poetry readings singers enter stage right come downstage center and line up in 2 rows, men in back. Form a semi-circle to sing Water Night.

Following Water Night singers return directly to their seats on the riser for the duration.

I rehearsed Earth is our mother with flute and piano today. I learned that it is much hard to find your pitch when the piano is not playing it—and the piano is rarely playing it. Please take time to review your music tonight and in the morning. If we all work hard we can overcome what Mother Nature dealt us last Tuesday.


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