Spring Registration

January 2nd, 2017

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers-
I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful holiday.
Thanks to all of you who have found time during the busy season to register for classes.
Special thanks to those seniors who have registered as paying students.
I am especially excited that I will see a few of you in other classes this Spring. Here is a look at how my classes look so far. Admin will begin making cancellation decisions this Thursday (1/5).
I am looking forward to seeing all of you at our first rehearsal next Tuesday, January 10 at 7:00 pm.

MUS 121 World Music
Total enrollments: 8
Choristers enrolled: 2 -Gillie Campbell, Barbara Lowrey

MUS 131/132 Class voice
Total enrollments: 10
Choristers enrolled: 4 -Gillie Campbell, Elizabeth Todd, Jackie Cohen, Marcelita Flowers

Mus 137 Chorus
Total enrollments: 23 (This is enough; We need enrollments in MUS 237)

MUS 163 Beginning Guitar
Total enrollments: 5
Choristers enrolled: 1 -Susan Trotter

MUS 164 intermediate Guitar
Total enrollments: 2
Choristers enrolled: 0

MUS 198 Vocal Seminar
Total enrollments: 8

Total enrollments: 4 (We need enrollments here)

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