Concert Dress

November 30th, 2016

[Admin Reposting] Please review the concert performance attire guidelines as listed in the Performance Advice (.pdf) document, always posted to the right.

Men’s Concert Dress
A tuxedo, white dress shirt or formal shirt with black bow tie, black shoes and socks. If you don’t own a tux and don’t wish to rent one, a black or dark blue suit is permitted in this chorus. You can often pick up used tuxedos at rental stores or secondhand locations.

Women’s Concert Dress
Dress Options
Floor length dresses or separates (top with floor length skirt or formal dress slacks)
Floor length means to the ankle/top of the shoe.

Black matte finish

Modest, unadorned “V” neckline. No ruffles, no flounces, no collar, no cleavage

Long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves

Black shoes with black hosiery

Jewelry should be unobtrusive–modest, not flashy.
[Purses should not be brought on stage. Options are to lock it in your car or in a room identified for such use at the performance venue. If you choose a skirt or slacks with pockets, you may be able to carry all you need there. If you are using a ring binder for your music, a pencil case clamped in with your music can hold keys, a comb and lipstick.]

The following are NOT be acceptable:
Slacks: Leggings, chinos, denim jeans, khaki-style, any pant that would expose the midriff
Fabrics: Velvet, satin/shiny fabrics, sheer/see-through fabrics like chiffon or lace, sequined fabrics, heavily patterned fabrics

Please refrain from wearing scented products, including perfumes, some hair sprays, etc. Also be mindful of oral hygiene.
We often do not have changing or secure storage facilities backstage. Bring only what you intend to have with you onstage.
When filing onto stage, climb the risers at the end, and then walk to your place.
Keep your music at your side while walking.
While standing, do not lock your knees. If you feel faint, alert the singers on both sides and sit down on your own riser with their help.
Be careful when stepping off risers. You can easily trip and fall.
When filing off of the stage, do not walk to one end and jump off.
Listen carefully for the location of the post performance party. Follow someone there.
Caution: water is not allowed on stage during performances. Cough drops in your pocket are a good emergency measure for performances.

Chorus members are encouraged to look at websites of vendors specializing in outfitting ensembles to get an idea of the overall look of formality we are trying to achieve. If you need to purchase garments to fit the profile, the following websites are just a few we looked at that have appropriate clothing choices. The profile is basic enough that you may be able to find “the right stuff” at a local department store. You may already own an outfit that fits the profile, or you may be able to borrow one from a friend or family member.

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