October 8th, 2015

From Chorister Grace: BCI (formerly Berkshire Choral Festival) will be accepted open registration applications for 2016 starting Wednesday, October 14. The 2016 season includes programs in Massachusetts, California, Rhode Island, and Austria. Following is information that explains the enrollment process.

1. Open enrollment lasts until December 31. Everyone who applies during that timeframe is considered in the selection.

2. The selection is made in January, and notifications are sent out by mid-month.

3. BCI tries to fit singers into the week of their choice, but achieving a proper voice balance can prevent this. Therefore, they encourage singers to list a first, second, and even third choice of weeks to optimize your chances of getting in.

4. Applications are accepted after December 31 based on voice part availability until all spots are filled.

5. Singers can get more information about each venue on the BCI website – http://www.berkshirechoral.org.

6. Any questions about registration, applying, and participating can be addressed to Chorister Services Director Cynthia Pease at cpease@berkshirechoral.org or by calling 413-229-8526.

Warning – BCI can be addictive! There were 209 singers from 20+ states and several countries at the week I attended this year – 70+ had attended BCI between 20 and 30 years, and another 70+ had attended between 10 and 20 years!


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