Second Rehearsal Preview

September 1st, 2015

From Dr. Whitmire: Welcome to our 2nd rehearsal of Fall 2015! It is going to be a great season.

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Senior Registrations-As you know the college likes each class to have a least 10 paying students. Concerned about the viability of our Saturday rehearsal class (MUS 237), I asked if some of my seniors would register as paying students. And abracadabra! 23 seniors registered. What’s more, it appears that almost all my seniors registered for Tuesday Chorus (MUS 137) as paying students. This is good news for the college. However, it leaves us in a bit of a bind as regards paying expenses that have previously been covered by donations from seniors- mainly compensation for our fabulous accompanist Chris Hagan. So, as you begin to think about your end-of the year charitable giving, please keep us in mind.Donations of any amount are appreciated. Make your tax-deductible checks toNVCC Foundation and give them to me at any time. Thanks.

Please try not to be absent. If you miss more than two rehearsals during preparation for a concert, you will be asked to audition to demonstrate preparedness.
Please notify Section Leaders of absences:
Soprano-Peggy Harrison, peggyh [at]
Alto-Debbie Peetz, peetz [at]
Tenor-Larry Goldschmidt, lgold2 [at]
Bass-Ray Lombardi, rayjoyce2408 [at]

Auditions for Bach solos and small ensembles will be Tuesday September 15 following rehearsal. Auditions can also be done following rehearsals on September 12 (women) and September 19 (men). Everyone is encouraged to audition.
2. bass solo & soprano chorus 3. bass solo 4. soprano solo 6. tenor solo 7. alto/tenor chorus

Be sure to check for more info, especially if you are new.

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