Twelfth Rehearsal Preview

April 14th, 2015

From Dr. Whitmire:
Welcome to our 12th rehearsal of Spring 2015! Please sign in.

Your performance on Sunday was absolutely amazing. Each of our 8 movements was far and away the best rendition we ever produced. Your sound and musicianship were superb. There were countless examples of your accomplishments, but none greater than No. 6 Agnus Dei. Wow!

If you were absent on Sunday, please see me tonight. If we have previously discussed you unavoidable absence, please remind me.

Tonight 4/14 we continue rehearsing for our May 1 concert (The Settling Years, I will be earth, Still I rise [women]). After tonight we have only 1 rehearsal before our April 28 Dress Rehearsal in Schlesinger. Please don’t be absent. Tonight we continue auditions for The Settling Years No. 2 and the Still I Rise solos.

Please turn any remaining ticket money.

This Saturday 4/18 will be Women’s rehearsal.

Please don’t miss
The Annual Chorus Picnic
Saturday May 9 2-6 pm at the home of Fred and Judy Wulff

Friday 5/1/15, 7:30 pm

April 18 women
April 25 all


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