Amazing Singing

February 6th, 2015

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers- I am sending this to everyone because my Vocal Seminar students don’t always check Black board. Amazing singing. Enjoy.

Così fan tutte

recit. Temerari! Sortite fuori di questo loco!
aria: Come scoglio

Christine Goerke

Renee Fleming

Leontyne Price

Carol Vaness

Elizabeth Schwarzkopf

You audacious person, leave this place!
You cannot profane, with these infamous words,
our hearts, our ears and our affections.
It is useless for you to seek to seduce our souls;
our faithfulness is intact and is pledged to our lovers
until death, in the face of misfortune, everlasting.

Like a rock, we stand immobile against the wind and storm,
and are always strong in trust and love.
From us is born the light that gives us pleasure and comfort,
and the power of death alone can change the affections of our hearts.
Respect, ungrateful spirit.
We are examples of loyalty against your primitive hopes,
so do not make yourself bold.

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