Music Comments From Dr. Whitmire

November 1st, 2014

From Chorister Ellie:
Five Mystical Songs:

p. 6, no break between first and second notes, first measure last staff between spirit and bear.

p.8: Top staff, last note, turn into a dotted quarter instead of a half note, and an eighth rest and breath.

No. 5, Antiphon: “Seeeng” not “sihng”. “Let All the World” is marcato, “My God And King” has real gaps between the words. We worked on the crescendos, from pppp to ff in eleven beats if you count 1&2&3&. This happens a lot.
p. 13, first measure: we are observing the 16th note, e-ve-ry, unlike “ev’ry” on the first page.

p. 14, 4 after J, short note because the tempo picks up.
p. 15, at L, strong consonants to end GoD anD King.
p. 15, last staff, first measure: BIG breath after corner sing.

Christmas Day:

The text has been changed back to Christian MEN.
All women may sing this also line. p 1.
Pronounce it Chrih sTien (no SH sound)
Sing it in two-bar phrases, legato, no flopping, no break (for example) after “Rejoice” in measure 30, or after “”bow” in measure 37.
p. 5, unison meldoy, very legato
p. 10, all women may sing the soprano line. Altos go back to our own line on p. 11. Watch those two-bar phrases.
p. 16: is RAY el, not Is RAH el.

Peace to the World
Pronounce it HA nuh KA (not noo)
Sim is “SEEM”
p. 4, top staff, big breath after the last measure “la im”
p. 14 nes gadol is NAYS gadol


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