Senior Registration

August 19th, 2014

[Update August 19, 2014]:
Mary to Peggy:

“Hi Peggy,
Thanks for your email and the good information that you have been providing.

With respect to the Senior Tuition waiver form, it takes 48 hours to process and show up in the online payment program. So we will show charges for our senior classes for a day or two. They will be removed and those classes will become not for credit when the form that we filed online is processed. So I was told at Nova that those registering for senior classes will not be booted out tomorrow because the waiver form is not yet entered in the system and there will be a grace period in the rule requiring full payment for those who have filed today.”

[Update August 19, 2014]:

From Peggy: A tip from one of our seniors. Thanks, Carol for passing this on. Another tip from me, they have a little sample that doesn’t look like one just above each blank.

From Carol and Barbara to Peggy:
Good morning, Peggy!!  Thank you for getting and relaying all the info on Senior Registration!

Barbara Lowrey and I have followed Bernie’s advice and did a “New Year’s Eve” Senior registration.

I went first, and it took me over half an hour to get through the process.  I got hung up on the senior tuition waiver form.
The hang up was the “number of credits” field.
The sample above the box showed “3 crs” and so I typed in “1 cr”.
It would only show “1”
When I submitted the form, it said the entry was invalid.
You must enter the credits as a two digit number.
It took me over 15 minutes to figure this out–NO HELP from the screen.
So type in “01” and you are good to go.

We did not need a photo ID upload.

Barbara’s registration took maybe 3 minutes.  Thank God for a learning curve!!!

[Update August 15, 2014]:

From NVCC to Peggy:

Good morning Mrs. Harrison. Please forgive me for the oversight in telling you exactly how to access the form.

The “ Senior Tuition Waiver Form” mentioned in your email is called the “Senior Citizen Enrollment Tuition Waiver Form” on the instruction sheet (attached) (.pdf). This form will be available beginning August 19, and can only be completed after registering online. There are two options for obtaining this form.

Option 1: The form can be found on the NOVA Website at: beginning August 19.

Option 2: The form can be accessed from the NOVA Forms Library beginning August 19. While all computer browsers are compatible for submitting the Senior Citizen Enrollment Tuition Waiver Form (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), you may need to use another browser other than Internet Explore). The instructions are for obtaining the form from the Forms Library are below.

1. Go to

2. Scroll down to Forms For Students. Click – Forms Sorted by Name or Forms Sorted by Number.
If you select Forms Sorted by Name, scroll down to the Senior Citizen Enrollment Tuition Waiver Form.

If you select Forms Sorted by Number, scroll down to form 105-088.

3. Click the “On Line” form link (This link is to the right of the name of the form).
When prompted to sign in, Enter Your MyNOVA/username and password.

4. Read the terms and agreement.
a. Verify your mailing address for accuracy.
b. Click the agreement box under each statement.
c. Click continue.

5. Click on the Academic and Student Services Icon.

6. Click on the Form Name.

7. Complete the Form.

Important Note: Some information will already be on the form. In places where there are blank fields with an asterisk, information must be entered.

8. Complete, sign, and submit the form.

Ms. Harrison, I do hope that this information is helpful. Thank you again for taking the time explore our process and share your feedback and observations. This has been very helpful. Have a great weekend!!!

From Peggy to NVCC:
Than you for the info. However, I still don’t know where to find and submit the senior tuition waiver form. I mentioned this in my email but you did not address this issue in your reply.

[August 14, 2014] From Peggy to Chorus: Finally!!

I’ve not perused these yet myself but will spend some time with them tomorrow.

From NVCC: Re: Subject: Senior Citizen Registration Instructions
Good afternoon Mrs. Harrison. Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding Senior Citizen Registration. The information you shared is appreciated and will help as we prepare for fall registration.

Instructions to guide the registration process have been developed, and emailed to all Senior Citizens on the NOVA Alexandria email list. These instructions will guide you through the steps required to complete your fall registration on August 19. It is my hope that you will find these instructions helpful. A copy of the instructions is attached to this email (.pdf).

I look forward to your continued enrollment at NOVA. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance with your registration or other matters.


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