Senior Registration

August 12th, 2014

[Update August 12, 2014] From Peggie: Seniors, It’s not a bad idea to practice by trying a regular enrollment but just don’t complete it.

From Bernie:
The NOVA website is VERY user unfriendly.  I tried to find my user name, but the instructions given from the link below do not match with reality.  If someone needs to find their user name (which one is not allowed to select or change), it’s best to just call 703-426-4141. Have either the Student ID or SSN, they will give it to you.  Also, passwords expire and you cannot use the previous one (I don’t know about any previous one, but you must know the old password to get a new one.

[June 20, 2014] From Peggy: Dr. Whitmire asked me to pass this info to the chorus.

As an NVCC senior volunteer I was asked to attend a session where we tested the system that seniors will use for online registration. Below are my notes from that session. Most important is that for (free) senior classes, registration is only during the 24 hours of a SINGLE day for the full fall semester: for this fall that is Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

(I forgot to ask about getting the senior parking permit. As I learn more I will pass it on. )

Notes on senior registration

Now will need government issued Picture ID. May have to scan and upload.

Note that any button or reference you may see on the screen for uploading Virginia Tax return applies ONLY if the senior is not auditing but is taking courses for credit for free, which has a low income requirement.

Must register ON August 19. No earlier or later. Can either do online or go to Alexandria campus to do it online there with in-person assistance.

(If registering online from home computer or mobile device, I recommend that night owls do it just after midnight on August 19, and others as early as possible in the AM, as I imagine the system will be pretty slow later in the day.)

Seniors will have to perform these two steps in this order: first, register online for class(es) like normal student (but don’t pay); and second, complete and submit the new online Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver form (the form we used to complete in hard copy). Both are done ONLY on August 19 for the fall semester.

Recommend that you have all the following info on hand before you start the process, whether at home OR at the Alexandria campus.

1. Your NVCC student ID number and password, the same one you use to access Blackboard or NOVA Connect. *

2. The course number (MUS 137), the class number (14618), the section number (001A), the campus (Alexandria), the date of first class (8/26/2014), and the number of credits (1). (Preceding examples are correct for fall semester chorus).

*go to and click on My NOVA tab. Here’s a direct link to the page on how to get your user name: Note that this page also has a link to instructions on getting a new password.

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