May 28th, 2013

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Dr. Templin,
I thought you would want to know that eighteen members of the NOVA Community Chorus are going with me to sing in Italy next month. They will be joining a semi-professional choir that I direct in Richmond. They are all seniors- mostly retired. They come from all walks of life— foreign service officers, federal government employees, lobbyists, journalists, etc. Where are they singing in Italy? Il Duomo in Florence, St. Mark’s in Venice, and St. Peter’s in Rome. The same group has previously sung with me in France (Notre Dame), England (Westminster Abbey), Germany (Leipzig Gewandhaus) and Spain (1992 World’s Fair.) There are few choirs, if any, that have sung in all of these prestigious venues. The fact that they are all seniors makes sit all the more interesting, I think. As you know, the Alexandria Campus serves a large population of seniors who do much to enrich the campus community and the college.

Members of the NOVA Community Chorus at Notre Dame Paris in 2010

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