Spring Break Rehearsal

March 11th, 2013

From Fred: We will hold a full chorus rehearsal on Tuesday, March 12, at 7:30 PM. Chris Hagan will be our leader and accompanist (thank you Chris).

It will be in my church, John Calvin Presbyterian Church, instead of in the Tyler Building since NVCC is closed this week. The address is 6531 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA; at the intersection of Whispering Lane.

The parking lot will fill up because two other groups are meeting upstairs. We will meet downstairs in the sanctuary. I’ll have the lights on at 7 PM. The parking lot entrance road is very close to the traffic light and the exit is down hill from there.


The church parking lot may fill up. You are welcome to park on the upper side of the entrance and exit road. After that, please park on the church side of Whispering Lane. Be especially nice to our neighbors. We seek their support in licensing our renovation so we can house an excellent co-op nursery school. You can also come as early as 7 PM.

The light level is low.  Come back this summer and see the changes.

Seat yourselves as we do in our regular rehearsals:
-Tenors and Altos to the conductor’s right
– Basses and Sopranos to the conductor’s left

We can move the piano wherever Chris wants it. It’s ok to move the communion table and put it back when we are finished.

A note from Chris: Sounds great! Let’s just say we’ll have a fine Britten singalong note bash – musically speaking, of course. Thanks Fred


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