Cantata Academica Errata

February 8th, 2013

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers-
-I look forward to seeing Men tomorrow at 3 pm.
-Auditions for the Small Chorus will be at 4:15 pm. Subsequent Small Chorus rehearsal will take place on Saturdays.
-Thanks to Peggy, Jane , Larry, Bill and others for helping me ferret out errors in my Cantata Academica chorus part. I look forward to more corrections.

Cantata Academica Errata
Men-at mm 11-12 the word should be ar-ca-na (not a-re-a-na)
Women at 17-18 the word should be ar-ca-na (not a-re-a-na). It should look like
Alto- at M24 (2 before square 45) the notes should be G – A (not B – A)
All- rehearsal square 46 should be moved five measures forward, to m. 38
All- At rehearsal square 46 (m. 38) the syllable is “-lus” (not –lis)
All- Add one measure before the final “saeculorum”

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