Black History Month

February 17th, 2013

From Dr. Whitmire to chorus: Please attend these Black History Month events if you are able. If you go, please introduce yourself to my colleague Joe Windham. Tomorrow night and Tuesday at 2.
Yours- DrW

From Joe Windham to Dr. Whitmire: Hey Mark!
This is a wonderful invitation adn I will work diligently at filling that auditorium with students and friends throughout the area. I will also work on my piece with John and try to bring Fred Douglass to life for the audience!
Don’t forget that we have two events this week with:
A’Lelia Bundles of the National Archives and Madam CJ Walker’s GG Grandaughter and biographer tomorrow night at 7:30 PM in Bisdorf 196 on Emanciaption Proclamation (1863) & the March on Washington (1963).
Cameron McWhirter of the Wall Street Journal & author of Red Summer (Black Radicalization in 1919) Tuesday at 2:00 PM in 196.
Please encourage your students and colleagues to come!

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