Second Rehearsal Preview

January 22nd, 2013

From Dr. Whitmire: Here is a preview of tonight’s sign

to our 2nd rehearsal of Spring 2013! Please sign in. If you are new, give your phone and e-mail. Be sure to write clearly.

Please try not to be absent. If you miss more than two rehearsals during preparation for a concert, you will be asked to audition to demonstrate preparedness. Please notify Section Leaders of absences:
Soprano-Peggy Harrison
Alto-Debbie Peetz
Tenor-Larry Goldschmidt
Bass-Ray Lombardi


The Bookstore
has ordered more Spirituals. In the meanwhile go to and print them out.
(My Lord what a morning, Soon-ah will be done, We shall walk through the valley
Ain’t-a that good news!, I’m gonna sing till the spirit moves in my heart)

Inside the Choir Room
RehearsalCD and choral score of Britten’s Cantata Academica ($10)
RehearsalCD for the Spirituals ($5)
Cash or check payable to NVCC Foundation

You will also need Opera Choruses, edited by John Rutter.
Order online a We will sing
21. Anvil Chorus
23. Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves
28. Triumphal Scene
30. Bridal Chorus
31. Pilgrim’s Chorus

Tonight I will dismiss at 9:30 pm to meet with Music Majors.

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