Spring Music

December 17th, 2012

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers- I hope this message finds you enjoying a wonderful holiday. Let’s all try to sustain the wonderful, transcendent sense of peace and joy that you created when we sang Sicut cervus on November 6.

Music for Spring Semester
-music for our 2/27 concert is in the campus bookstore.

-music for our 3/17-3/24 concert, Cantata Academica (B. Britten), is available at sheetmusicplus.com
I recommend this complete score, but since it is expensive ($44.00), I will make a choral part for those who cannot afford it.

-music for our 5/2-5/3 concerts will be selected from Opera Choruses, edited by John Rutter. It is available at sheetmusicplus.com. (Many of you already own this collection).

We will work on all this music for the beginning of the semester on January 15,  so be sure to have all your music by the first rehearsal on January 15.
Until then, I wish you

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