Tonight’s Concert

October 2nd, 2012

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers-
Tonight Tuesday 10/2 is our concert. The call is 6:00 pm in Schlesinger. Please be on time.
Come in and sit at the front until I call your section to the stage. The first half we’ll be in the audience. We’ll take our places at the intermission.
Put all music is a black binder. The order of the Scottish Folksongs will be:
1 The Banner of Buchluech
2 Ye shepherds of the pleasant vale
3 Duncan Gray
4 Auld lang syne
Choral Fantasy

Women’s Concert Dress
Floor length dresses or separates—top with floor length skirt or dress slacks (Floor length means to the ankle/top of the shoe);
Color-Black matte finish
Neckline-Modest, unadorned “V” Neckline–no ruffles, flounces, collar, or cleavage
Sleeves-Long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves
Footwear-Black shoes with black hosiery
Accessories-Jewelry should be unobtrusive–modest, not flashy.

Men’s Concert Dress
Tuxedo, White shirt, Black bow tie, Black shoes and socks

Spread the word. Invite your friends. This will be a great concert!

Please join me at Clyde’s for a refreshing beverage following the concert.

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