Performance Guidance

March 13th, 2012

Getting ready for tonight’s performance?  Be sure to review the document:
Performance Guidance (PDF always linked on the right side of the page >>> )

Details include (but not limited to):
* Please refrain from wearing scented products, including perfumes, some hair sprays, etc. Also be mindful of oral hygiene.
* We often do not have changing or secure storage facilities backstage. Bring only what you intend to have with you onstage.
* When filing onto stage, climb the risers at the end, and then walk to your place.
* Keep your music at your side while walking.
* While standing, do not lock your knees. If you feel faint, alert the singers on both sides and sit down on your own riser with their help.
* Be careful when stepping off risers. You can easily trip and fall.
* When filing off of the stage, do not walk to one end and jump off.
* Caution: water is not allowed on stage during performances. Cough drops in your pocket are a good emergency measure for performances.

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