Stage Instructions

December 1st, 2011

From Stage Manager Fred:  Rehearsal starts at 6:00 PM Friday – not 6:30 PM – in the church. Leave your “stuff” in your car.

Park behind the church. Go up the stairs that are between the domed church and the square building next to it. There should be an open door near the top of the stairs. (The front doors will probably be locked.)

We will take a break from around 7:00 to 7:30 in the beautiful hall in the nearest building. It has bathrooms and water fountains. We will go into the church and up onto the risers around 7:30 using the same scheme as Thursday night.

The concert should be finished around 8:45 or a little later.

In general, when we are not singing, your music is closed, in your right hand, down at your right side.

Do this when you are:
– moving into or out of the auditorium or church and when going on or off the risers
– not singing (Choir II when Choir I is singing Mov. 5 & 6). Rest your arms when you can. This a long concert and the music becomes heavy.

Clip #9 through #10 together.
if you are in Choir II: clip #5 through # 7; plus #13 & #18

Tricks of the trade:
– bring up your music and open it when the conductor raises his hands the first time
(unless the conductor wants it happen when he opens his music)

– lower your music at the appropriate place when the conductor finally lowers his hands. Don’t leave it open while the audience applauds. Close it.

Singers on the top row of risers stand toward the back. Everyone else stands at the front edge. This gives everyone enough room to open their music folder without having to rest it on the head of the person in front of them.

See you there.

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