November 8th, 2011

From Fred:  Plan A (things are still changing but this is my best guess)

-We will warm up and rehearse from 7:30 to approximately 8:20 in our regular room; take a short break and walk over to Schlesinger Center at or before 8:30.

-We are to be on stage at 8:40 tonight and should be finished on stage by 9:00. Return to our rehearsal hall in Tyler after the rehearsal so we can discuss what will be done on Thursday and Friday.

-We will line up in two groups of four rows at 8:30 in Schlesinger Center:
— Chorus 1 will line up near the elevators, facing the elevators, S, T, B, A, with sopranos nearest the stage and altos closest to the Tyler building.
— Chorus 2 will line up in front of the fireplace facing the stairs, S, T, B, A, with sopranos nearest the street and altos closest to the elevators.

Around 8:35, or when we are told (somehow), sopranos will lead their row into the auditorium starting with the rear most row. We will go toward the stage through the box seats next to the wall on each side. Pause at the stage and wait for Dr. Matthews to call us onto the stage, probably at the end of the work in progress.

Fire regulations limit the number of persons on the fixed part of the stage at any time. We will bring the total to more than that number by at least 10 singers. Our workaround is to have about 10 singers in each chorus stand on the “apron” of the stage rather than on the risers. We will make adjustments when we get on stage.

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