Stage Instructions for Sunday

October 12th, 2011

From Fred:  Singers –

The percussion section of the WMP will move toward the front of the stage and away from our risers as much as they can – at least a few feet.

We will have 5 standing rows and 2 seated rows. Our 4 soloists, and our singers who need chairs will sit in the 2 vacant rows of musician’s chairs right in front of our risers. The additional row of singers will stand in front of the risers. This should eliminate the need for women singers to stand alongside the risers.

The tenor section and bass section will exchange places for this performance so that basses will stand to the left of center, next to the altos. Tenors will stand to the right of center, next to the sopranos. There are several places in this music where the tenors and sopranos are singing the same or related music (Part 1, m – 40 for example) while the basses and altos are paired in others (Part 1, m – 75). It should help.

I will mark the centerline of the risers, probably with yellow ribbon tied to the back railing. There are 20 standing tenors so there should be 4 columns of tenors on the risers. There are 26 standing basses so we will have 5+ columns of basses. It is important to crowd toward the center so we can all see and be seen. I will signal adjustments once we are on stage.

Only standing singers will line up in the hall just before going on stage. Those who will be seated should stand off to one side toward the rear stairs. You will go on last from stage left however you work it out. You may be involved in shifting the musician’s music stands. (This is an experiment.)

We will go on stage back row first from stage right as we did last Sunday. This means the front (last) row will enter from stage right just as the seated singers enter from stage left.

Smile on stage. Do not talk in the hall. Don’t applaud unless Mark tells us to.

One more thing. Park as far away from the entrance door as you can so that our paying guests can park close to the door.

See you Sunday – before 2:00 PM.

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