Tenor Notes

September 26th, 2011

From Section Leader Larry: Rachmaninoff #18: The 2nd tenor CD rehearsal track for #18 contains no audible 2nd tenor notes beginning with the first measure of page 118 until the second measure of page 120 (although we hear the quieter notes of all the other parts). I’m guessing that this omission may have been a “production error” and that the 2nd tenor voices should continue to sing in unison with the first tenors. If so, no big problem, because we can listen to the first tenor track to hear the missing notes.

Rachmaninoff #20: On page 130, bottom staff, the 2nd tenor CD rehearsal track sounds the following pitches for the 2nd tenors, starting with the triplet: c, d, e, c, b, b. That would have us sing the same triplet pitches as the first tenors and not sing f in the final two measures. Could you verify if this is what you intended?

From Dr. Whitmire: Sorry about that Larry. Since there is no divisi in those measures, maybe
you can learn your notes from the Tenor 1 track.

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