From Dr. Whitmire

May 6th, 2011

Dear Singers-

You knocked my socks off on Tuesday night! Everyone else’s too! It was a glorious concert! Your singing was a perfect balance of beauty and power. Our accompanists Ms. Koo and Ms. Hagan really brought it, didn’t they? And how about our awesome soloists Stania, Dorothea, Francisco and Brandon. I have never known a 4-year college that could better these four on the Ninth.

Please don’t miss tomorrow’s picnic. It is always great fun. As it turns out I will not be there as I have my daughter’s graduation in the morning, and she has made it known that I have engagements in the afternoon as well. Have a refreshing beverage for me.

You have been the greatest this year. I must have every one of you back in the Fall. In the meanwhile, have a great summer.


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