Chamber Ensemble Concert

April 1st, 2011

From Fred:  Next Friday there will be a free “Chamber Ensemble Concert” at 7:30 p.m. in Tyler Room 130. It will be by music students who have been playing together in many different collections of duets, trios, quartets and ensembles; with winds, strings (Dvorak, Bach, etc.) and an accordion (Kurt Weil).

The piano faculty concert this Friday was nothing short of extraordinary. Our Christine Hagan began the concert with a 4-hand arrangement of two of Brahms’ Hungarian Rhapsodies. The 2 extra hands were provided by our new head of the keyboard and composition programs, Johathan Kolm. Chris went on to play three of her favorite works by Alexander Scriabin – with only 2 hands this time, leaving us wondering how that was possible.

The next new member of our music department was pianist Ja-Hye-Koo, a native of Seoul, Korea, who played one of the Chaconnes by J.S. Bach which was equally challenging. She went on to play a work for 4 hand piano by and with Jonathan Kolm. That was followed by Kolm’s composition for Clarinet Duo by guests artists Kristin King and Paul Mulligan. Kristin will be a guest soloist in the Band/NOVA Chorus concert on May 3.

Dr. Jacob Clark, another new member of our piano department, ended this concert with works by Franz List and Frederick Chopin.

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