Judas Maccabaeus Auditions

October 22nd, 2010

From Dr. Whitmire:  Dear Singers,
As you know, the following solos in Judas are open to members of the chorus, who will be selected by audition.
44 | 18 | Duet (S-A)* | Come, ever-smiling Liberty
80 | 30 | Duet (S-S)* | Sion now her head
127 | 48 | Duet (T-B)* | O never bow we down
139 | 50 | Air (5 men)* | Father of Heaven
155 | 58 | Duet (A-T)* | Sing unto God

Auditions for men [Father in Heaven, and Sing unto God (tenor), and O never bow down]will be this Tuesday 10/26. We will go through them briefly this Saturday following the men’s rehearsal for those who are interested in auditioning.

Auditions for Women [Come ever smiling liberty. Sion now raise, and Sing unto God (alto)] will be next Tuesday 11/02.

I will be looking for well-prepared singers who have solo-quality voices that can reach over a full orchestra.

I hope that many of you will audition.

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