Traffic Jams for Our Next Concert

April 6th, 2010

(4/3/2010) From Fred – Plan to arrive extra early for our next performance on April 11. Traffic has always been a headache at this venue because of cherry blossom celebrations. This time there will be even more traffic headaches because of a Nuclear Security Summit on April 12 & 13.

50 heads of state will be attending. Each one will have personalized security and that will cause far more traffic diversions, blockades and rolling blockades. Be sure to tune to a radio station that gives frequent traffic reports when you are in transit. WTOP at 103.5 FM is a good one.

The subway is another great option. In addition, we’ll pass on traffic plans and information.

See: for additional information from the WTOP radio station.

My thanks to Ellie Briscoe for this information.

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