Tonight at John Adams

April 22nd, 2010

From Fred: We will rehearse (sing) with the band tonight at John Adams Elementary School at 7:30.

The good news is that Wendy has arranged for ALL of us to use the school’s large cafeteria instead of crowding into the small rehearsal room. (This elementary school’s chorus performed Mozart’s Magic Flute there last year with their Orff instruments as well as piano + professional soloists donating their time – much of it in German. Unbelievable!)

Initially, use the same chorus arrangement as we did in our last two performances if space/tables/time permit. I don’t have a special provision for the Coro Piccolo; Ragzzi and Men’s Chorus #19 and so will let Mark dictate that in our next rehearsal. The important part of this rehearsal is the we become accustomed to Wendy’s style and she becomes accustomed to at least twice as many complications.


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