Stage Instructions

March 23rd, 2010

(3/22/2010) From Fred:

Congratulations. We proved our flexibility and willingness to deal with change yesterday.

A few improvements and we’ll be perfect…. well, almost.

Standing risers are always crowded. Help your friends:

– Top row of singers stand back from the edge of your risers.

– All other rows stand with your toes on or just over the front edge of your riser.

Don’t study other persons’ music when it is not your turn to sing. For example, some men studied the Witches Chorus during the women’s performance. It’s too late to help them, it’s not your job, and they won’t listen to you. In that situation, your music folder is down at your side in your right hand and you are looking at your conductor.

Same goes for the orchestra. Lead the audience to believe that you have memorized this music by looking over your music, directly at our conductor and smiling while they play all those notes before we sing.

Don’t chat during rehearsal or performance. Instructions are hard to hear and only given once.

You were using your black folder yesterday, right?

See you Tuesday night.

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