From Dr. Whitmire

March 27th, 2010

(3/26/2010) Dear Singers – Here is a riser chart (3-page .pdf for easier printing) for Sunday night. It won’t solve all the logistic problems, but it will be a good start. If I have left anyone off, I am sorry. Please don’t take offense- we will fit you in. Please space yourself evenly across the full width of the risers. If possible leave 8-10 inches between you and your neighbor so that the row behind you can see through the spaces. Stand to the front of the riser with toes at the edge.

I have also made an order for the men’s entrance. If you study this chart and use all your brain power, I know you can make it work.

Finally, this concert is about the beauty and joy of Italian opera. Let’s not let the logistics and minutiae get in the way. The only way to convey the spirit of the music is to be in the spirit of the music.

Let’s have a bella notte all’ opera!

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