Berkshire Choral Festival

December 9th, 2009

From Chorister Grace: The web site for the Berkshire Choral Festival is They are accepting registration for this summer’s programs – one week in Montreal, 4 weeks to chose from in Sheffield, Massachusetts, and one week in Italy (I believe this week requires an audition, but the others don’t). For those who think they might be interested, but prefer not to lock in something this far in advance, I’ve talked with people who have signed up almost at the last minute for a week, so don’t think you can’t do it just because you didn’t register before the “deadline”. They do try to keep the chorus numbers to no more than 200, though, so if you wait until the last minute and it’s a popular week that you decide you want, you may not get it (that happened with the Bach Mass in B Minor – they had applications from 175 altos alone!). There are limited scholarships available as well. Anyone who would like more information is welcome to contact me at gfwhite [at] mindspring [dot] com

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