Stage Instruction

November 9th, 2009

(11/7/09) From Fred –

1. Our cluster of dress rehearsals and performances begin only two weeks from now on Nov. 22. Your music must be in a black folder to perform with us. Please have your Rutter and Willcocks books in one black folder, in that order, by Nov. 22 or earlier. If you have questions, ask your section leader. Stage management of our most recent concert went so well because you let us know your problems and suggested solutions. Keep it up.

2. Our optional rehearsal with the WMP (Bishop Ireton High School, 11/15/09, 5 pm) is fun if you know your music. We choristers sit in the audience by section. Mark directs the orchestra up on the stage and we sing along without direction. It is a good time to learn what the orchestra does while we are singing and while we are counting measures before we sing. Park in the lot closest to Duke St. Pass through the large doors to the right of the little traffic circle. The auditorium is on your right. Check out the WMP at

3. Current planning: We sing the Rutter and Willcocks, in that order, in the first half of our concerts with the WMP. We take a short break after our warmup rehearsal and then go sing the performance. The concert continues after the intermission with Mendelssohn’s Reformation Symphony and a new composition by Charles Barnett. We can stay or go home quietly.

4. If you are new to NOVA Chorus, I recommend carpooling with an experienced member of the chorus. Many of us already carpool to performance venues, saving parking fees and stress. Ask around.

5. Church of the Epiphany is at 1317 G ST. NW, Washington DC. Go to to see what it is like. Click on “Parking” to get an idea of how to get there and where to park. Metro Central is only a half block away.

Driving by yourself? Go via 14th. Street. Turn right on G. St. Go 1/2 block and turn left into the PMI Garage next to the church. You can’t miss the church. It is a standard old church sandwiched between tall buildings.

KEEP YOUR PARKING TICKET. Get a parking voucher inside (we’ll help you find one). That way it will only cost $8 instead of $16. Lose either one or use a credit card and it is $16. Have your money, parking ticket and voucher in your hand when you get to the one and only checkout kiosk. There will be 20 cars behind you and we would really like you to wisk through checkout. Same goes for your friends who will be at this performance.

Once inside, go down the left hand aisle to the other (North) end of the church and into the Parish Hall where we gather before our warmup and the performance. We will line up there, make any final adjustments and thread onto the tiny space behind and to the sides the orchestra; back row first.

We will use standing risers with a single row of chairs in front plus chairs stage right for sopranos and in the transept, stage left, for Altos. Wear comfortable shoes. I’ll do my best to minimize our standing time.

6. There is more space on stage for risers at Bishop Ireton H.S. but we’ll still need to stand close together. There will be standing space on either side of the risers and a row of chairs in front.

7. I’ll pass along info on our concert with the band when I get it.

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