November 11th, 2009

(11/10/09) From last year’s winner, NOVA chorus alto Susan Bilodeau:

The Nova Idol auditions were last Monday and last Monday was too busy for way too many people. Tonight after chorus I will have my camera along with a form and a box for a 10 dollar fee for those that just want to try out for nova idol with it just being me, a 2 minute reminder, and yourself and me alone with my camera.

Doc Brenda Lewis Holmes loves this chorus and all of us and was hoping for those who chose to participate would again have a chance that has now gone by for many. I told her that I believed auditions were short and sweet, but tough for many to attend.

Please help me to remind all, that this really is about having fun and for us sharing beautiful music with our campus, but it doesnt hurt that top prize is 4000 dollars, 2nd is 2500 and 3rd is 1000 dollars.

I am hoping you all will sing as It so happens that I know for a fact that many, many of you truly have a gift from god that this show needs to hear..


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