Brahms Recording

November 25th, 2009

A recording of the Brahms Requiem performance has been posted to the Performances Page

From Fred: An MP3 version of our Brahms German Requiem performance is now on the chorus web site: Follow the links that Kate placed for us at the top of the page

Recognize that this is not a finished audio recording. It is a “quick look.”

Mark is still waiting for the man that recorded our concert to deliver that finished recording he promised. When he does, we run into the next delay. The 6-disk duplicating machine we use is broken beyond repair. There are workarounds but they won’t be quick as we hoped. I’d also like to place good labels on the disks and that adds to the delay as well as the amount of work required. Thus my decision to use what we have in hand in its current state: “warts and all.”

My guess from the sound is that the recording that I worked from used only the two mikes that were in front of the Sopranos and Altos and did not include sound from the mikes on center stage. Thus the women’s voices are louder than the men. In addition, the sound is “shrill.” That can be reduced with software filters but they take away some of clarity. So – bear with us for awhile and we’ll get something better (perhaps great) when we can.

Meanwhile, close your eyes and enjoy the show. You’ll hear us stand and sit, breathe, turn pages, and those wonderful sounds at the endings of each track as the piano notes slowly decay and finally the applause and whistles at the end — all the things a professional recording would leave out.

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