Concert Parking Advice

October 26th, 2009

(10/24/09) From Fred:


Please advise your guests to come to our concert before 7 PM:

– To get a parking spot before the garage fills up with students.

– To pay the parking machine that is close to the doors for 2 hours = $2

– Bring/use $1 bills to speed up the paring meter process.

They must remember the number and background color of their parking spot.

The lowest parking level is a great spot if you and your guests will be heading over to Clydes restaurant and bar after the concert. If you are new to this event, ask other singers for directions. Look for us in the bar out back.

See you at the concert.

Update (10/25/09): Alan Krause points out that the parking meter no longer uses the color of the parking spot. Just the number. Thanks Alan,

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