From Dr. Whitmire

September 18th, 2009

(9/16/09) Dear Singers – I was very proud of your hard work at rehearsal last night. It was very rewarding to sing Movement 4 with the words at the end of rehearsal, wasn’t it? But it also showed how much concentration it will require to maintain the clear, shimmering sound we achieve working with ‘lu-lu-lu.’

This week’s assignment: (1) Brahms Requiem Movements 7, 1 and 2.

We have a Men’s Rehearsal this Saturday 1:40-3:00 pm

Be sure to post you Brahms Requiem flyers in prominent place in the community.

This is going to be a beautiful and emotional concert. Each of us has someone who has died that we will be thinking of. The Brahms Requiem will be a strengthening, healing experience. Your friends and family will be glad they came. Try to sell all five of your tickets. You may want to write a check for them and give tickets as gifts.

Mark your calendar for NOVA Coffeehouse on Saturday, November 7. Please plan to prepare some homemade pastries for the event. It will be great fun.

Cutting edge news: I am planning to do Orff’s Carmina Burana at our Spring Concert on May 4, 2010. We haven’t done it since the Schlesinger opening, and the time is right, don’t you think?


PS- Please remember, our website [] is a wonderful source of information.

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