From Dr. Whitmire

September 28th, 2009

(9/25/09) Dear Singers –


We had an excellent rehearsal on Tuesday. I have allotted a total of 8 regular Tuesday rehearsals for the Brahms Requiem. Last Tuesday was rehearsal #5. Now we are in another stage – one in which we only polish and refine. Every singer must now know every note. There can be no followers. If some notes are still eluding you, have a marathon session with your CD this weekend.

Weekly Assignment

Movements 3, 4, 5


Women’s Rehearsal 1:40-3:00 pm


Please sell all five of your tickets. You may want to write a check for them and give tickets as gifts. Make checks to NVCC.

NOVA Coffeehouse

Mark your calendar for NOVA Coffeehouse on Saturday, November 7. Please plan to prepare some homemade pastries for the event. It will be great fun. Jonathan Vassar and the Speckled Bird will be back!

Carmina Burana

I am planning to do Orff’s Carmina Burana at our Spring Concert on May 4, 2010. If you know good singers who might like to join, tell them about it.

Music Majors

Mid-term exam will be Tuesday, October 6 at the end of rehearsal. (I have a wedding on Oct. 10). As of today, music majors are [edited for privacy]:

I encourage everyone to become a music major. It is a very rewarding experience. However, if you are on this list and do not intend to graduate, it is best that you contact Josh Richey (jrichey [at] nvcc [dot] edu) and change your major to non-curricular. If music majors never graduate, it is not good for the program.

Yours – DrW

PS – Please remember, our website [] is a wonderful source of information. Our new poster is up.

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