From Fred

April 20th, 2009

(4/19/2009) I asked the director of our Band, Dr. Wendy Matthews, what they would play in our concert on May 7. This is her reply. I recommending including this information whenever you tell your friends and family about our joint concert.

We are playing a great piece called Italian Rhapsody featuring familiar Italian tunes, but written in a stunningly brilliant way. It is a brand new piece that was premiered in Dec. All the military bands are playing it.

We are also doing a Gershwin piece with Sue Billadeau, (she is in the chorus) the NOVA Idol winner. We also have Dizzy Fingers a clarinet feature, and a piece arranged for us by the arranger in our band Marty Tousignant. The brass band version of this piece won a brass composer competition last month at Ohio State.

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