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March 21st, 2009

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers –

* Tomorrow (Sunday 3/22) at 5 pm is our Dress Rehearsal at B. Ireton High School. Attendance is mandatory.

* Thanks to Nick King and Chris Hagan for the excellent rehearsal on Tuesday.

* According to the sign-in sheets there were 21 absences on Tuesday! This is very disheartening to me.

Soprano-5 | Alto-11 | Tenor-5 (of 16, almost one third!) | Bass-0 Bravo!

* If you have (or will) miss more than two rehearsals during preparation for this concert, be prepared to audition to demonstrate preparedness. Audition will this Tuesday, March 24.

* Thanks to all who have made contributions to the WMPO. We will be listed in the program at the $1000 level! At a time when some of the region’s finest arts organizations are folding, this is very important.

* Attached is a pdf of the seating arrangement for tomorrow. Zoom to 250%. It is a first draft. We’ll make any necessary adjustments on Tuesday. In order to achieve balance I am bring 3 sopranos and 3 tenors to sing with us. Their names are in Italics. We will have to modify this seating for Epiphany.

* Jim and Fred need about 10 able-bodied persons to help with the risers. If you can help, come tomorrow at 3:45 pm.

* Please set aside time to go through all of Durufle today and again tomorrow before rehearsal. We have invested 9 weeks. We can make it pay off handsomely only if every singer is ready.

* Happy Birthday J. S. Bach!

Seating Arrangements


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