From Dr. Whitmire

March 31st, 2009

(3/30/09) Dear Singers –

* I was immensely proud of your singing last night. As I said following the performance, the first two movements were among the most transporting moments of my conducting career. We had some rhythmic and entrance problems in III (I even caught myself snapping! Just one snap. Did you hear it?). IV was very good: we raised the roof at “in excelsis”. VI and VII were very good. VIII saw the return of some rhythmic problems. IX was our best ever. I will know more once I hear the recording. What I know now is that we did every movement as well as we ever have. That’s as good as it gets!

* The attendance was 218. That’s up from last Spring at Epiphany when we had 166. I am hoping the turn-out at BI is much better.

* I have sent our $1000.00 donation. Thanks to all who contributed. While we weren’t listed on Sunday, we will soon be listed as a WMPO Benefactor.

* Please do not miss tomorrow’s rehearsal. Bring your Shearing as well as Durufle.

* If, for any reason, you were not present at the concert, please contact me immediately.

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