YouTube – Mozart Video Update

October 29th, 2007
    YouTube – Mozart Video Update

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Requiem Mass in D minor (K. 626), NOVA Community Chorus and Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic, conducted by Dr. Mark Whitmire.

    Recorded April 4, 2006. Please note that audio will begin immediately upon page load.

    Part 1 of 6 “Introit,” “Kyrie,” and “Dies Irae.”

    Part 2 of 6 “Tuba Mirum” and “Rex Tremendae.”

    Part 3 of 6 “Recordare” and “Confutatis.”

    Part 4 of 6 “Lacrimosa,” “Domine Jesu,” and “Hostias.”

    Part 5 of 6 “Sanctus” and “Benedictus.”

    Part 6 of 6 “Agnus Dei.”

    The NVCC Television Center, Office of Instructional and Information Technology

    Musical Features Section

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